Features, Advantages, and Benefits


· A liquid formulation containing Zinc, Capsaicin, and Garlic.
· Zinc serves as a plant nutrient.
· Capsaicin and Garlic are natural organic materials, which have been shown to be effective in the control of aphids and certain soft-bodied insects.
· When used in conjunction with pesticides, Kaliente causes insect movement on the plant, resulting in more exposure and control.
· Capsaicin and Garlic have been proven effective as a repellant against deer, rabbits, and other animals.
· Special Note: due to the ingredients in kaliente, any contact with the skin will cause a burning sensation and extreme discomfort.


· A unique blend of five materials that are effective in improving foliar sprays.
· Buffers pH of solution and improves compatibility.
· Reduces surface tension of the solution to help prevent foaming.
· Helps prevent degradation of pesticide.
· Compat is easy to mix, provides more even coverage, and shortens mixing time.


· An extender/spreader-sticker that forms a durable film on the leaf surface.
· Will not foam or clog spray equipment.
· Compatible with most pesticides; helps extend the life of pesticides.
· Use of Paint reduces the number of applications of pesticide, by increasing longevity and effectiveness of the application.
· Easy mixing saves time and money; allowing you to spend your time where it counts the most.

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