Compat - A liquid product designed to buffer the pH of solutions to improve the mixing and stability of chemicals that are pH sensitive.
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Cropaidplus - Use of this product aids in the dispersion of herbicides and insecticides with liquid fertilizers resulting in better penetration into the plant.
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Paint - A superior sticker/surfactant that increases the effectiveness of foliar applied chemicals and fertilizers.
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Kaliente - this product is a liquid formulation containing zinc, capsaicin and garlic. With zinc serving as a plant nutrient, the other two main ingredients, capsaicin and garlic, are organic materials which have shown the ability to assist in the control of aphids and certain soft bodied insects. When used in conjunction with pesticides, Kaliente causes insect movement on the plant, thus creating more exposure. Capsaicin and garlic have been proven effective as a repellent against deer, rabbits and other animals. Kaliente will cause a burning sensation and extreme discomfort when in contact with the skin. Use with EXTREME CAUTION.
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Root Guard
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