Features, Advantages, and Benefits


· A liquid fertilizer with micronutrients for plant growth stimulation.
· For use on seed during transplanting or in-furrow with starter fertilizer.
· Promotes rapid root development and plant growth.
· Promotes more rapid plant emergence, plant vigor, improved crop quality, early maturity and higher yields.
· If used in a pop-up solution, Super Start should be put in the soil around roots.
· Can be coated on seed during cleaning or as a hopper box treatment.
· Special Note: if put in furrow, it should be in contact with the seed.


· Contains Kinetin and Gibberellic Acid in an 8-20-20 water-soluble fertilizer base.
· Designed to promote improved plant vigor, crop quality, early maturity, and higher yields.
· Encourages faster transition from vegetative to reproductive stage of plant development.
· Results in heavy bloom and fruit set.
· Typically used early in the plant growth cycle between first true leaf and bloom development.
· Apply as a foliar spray in a fine, evenly applied mist.
· Special Note - not for use through any type of irrigation equipment.

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